WHEN MY MELEE ACCEPATANCE LETTER ARRIVED I almost cried. Number 7. Wear it proudly it said. Shit, I became Sterling Moss in an instant. Steph and I weren’t just excited. We were a race car team.
When I tell you I spent nights going through all of my old classic car rags to get ready for this monster, I'm only telling half the truth. I also spent all of my work time getting everything together. Unable to find a Lotus Cortina we resorted to the next best: Th trusty old Datsun 510. Slapping on the 7’s It changed before my tearfull eyes. Damn it looked good with numbers; but the lame part is, no one teased us on the freeway. The SF meeting spot was great. Full of the coolest cars you could ever dream of... not to mention some fine back alley craftsmanship.
Anyway: The Californica Meleé is a sweet deal. Cool people, really cool cars, and some back ass roads that will shred your car and smoke your brakes. The scenery, towns, and parties are out of control. Steph and I had a swell, swell time, met Sasquatch, got lost, ended up ahead of everyone, fell back to dead last and didn't break my car like Tim did. Next year, we're coming back with our Sacramento uniforms: chuck taylors and striped jackets, hopefully in a Cortina, (an Automatic just doesn’t cut it for me) but this time, we’ll keep up. I’m practicing a lot these days. Good way to meet cops.
To all Melee participants and organizers: Cheers, we felt welcome, and had a ton of laughs. And thanks Steph, for being an ace navigator, photographer, and putting up with me in general. Oh yeah,
I will write a special segment on Honeydew, with some clips, so stay tuned...

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